About New York Aerials

New York Aerials uses state-of-the-art digital photo equipment which provides for exceptionally sharp detail and flexible usage options. All custom aerial assignments are preceded by a comprehensive pre-shoot interview and on-site inspection. The information we gather is used to prepare a pre-flight checklist for our pilot and photographer who work together in order to meet the objectives of each assignment.

Factors such as altitude, time of day, and shoot angle have a significant effect on the images we capture. For example, relatively high altitude images provide a sufficient field of view to record distinguishing features such as roads, stone walls, fences, and other landmarks.

Lower altitude perspectives would not include such features, however much more detail will be available enabling you to view such features as building details and landscaping.

Time of day is also important, especially if you have a particular facade you want to emphasize.

Choosing your prints

When your assignment is completed you will receive a full color proof book which will contain a minimum of ten images for your consideration.

Scheduling Considerations

While we make every attempt to complete each assignment in a timely manner, the primary rule which we follow strictly is "safety always comes first". We do not fly in inclement weather with restricted visibility of if wind speeds are excessive.

Special Rates Available

Ask about our special discount pricing available to charities and non-profit organizations.